Friday, October 16, 2020

The woman that I am

 Its not easy is no excuse it's  just the way I  am. 

Scared my lifes past mistakes are catching up to me.

Hidden demons haunting my nights crawling into my peace. 

I have done all I  can to exercise them out of myself. 

Wounded my scars still burn no salve can ease them.

Woman that I am I buried them in shallow graves.

I needed them hidden so I can nurture my soul.

Rain dont wash the dirt away they must not be found.

Live another day just hanging on to the lies.

They must be kept  from me stay away I pray.

I borrow what the world doesn't see as mine to ease the pain.

There is a name to what I have let myself become unashamed.

For in this madness I am finding the strength to carry on.

Bittersweet  and so profound you accept me as I am.

Calling me a warrior woman that has strength I did not feel.

I am not weak just so very tired trying to be myself.

In a world that may see my heart as foolish and naive. 

Letting myself just drown in emotions above my head.

Believing that the answers will come sooner than they may.

There is so much in me no one else will ever know.

Only you see the woman that I am.

Namaste my Sweet

Monday, October 12, 2020


 I can turn back time when I close my eyes.

Remembering that night yet again.

The whispered nothings that crossed our lips.

Your body's warmth keeping the chill at bay.

Stolen kisses and all the rest never forgotten.

I am there yet again in your arms.

A place I wished I could be somehow.

Impossible as it seemed  I dreamed

If only for moments we found the way.

Awake not asleep I lived in your embrace.

If you close your eyes can you feel that moment. 

Recall any of the tender nothings whispered.

Your eyes calling me beautiful for the first time.

My fear and want displayed on my face.

Your secret kept close to your heart.  

I can turn back time to the once again.

To every second I have spent with you.

Shared embraces words spoken softly.

That passion in our eyes still there.

Beloved  I call you now unafraid.


For you again


Tu sabes que te Amo



Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Let Me See

 There you are again in my arms.

Just had to wait I knew you would come.

Overwhelmed and weak kneed couldn't look into your eyes.

I held you to me tears there once again don't cry you hushed.

Here you are where I have imagined us.

Lips leading from hello to never goodbye.

They sent us into the fire once again ablaze

Let me see, you said tenderly whats mine.

Here I am naked and unashamed before you.

Looked at with that unfamiliar gaze.

Bewitched by a body time had grown.

Seen through eyes that danced at the sight.

 I stood there watching your eyes call me Beautiful.

Around I turned giving you your request .

You savor the sight you reach me with regard. 

Let me see, you said.

But it was me who saw.

Your eyes say it all.



Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Sky Dance

 The sky danced this early morning.

Clouds parted as if they felt my presence.

Stars twinkled their bright hellos. 

And the comets waved as they streaked by.

Thunder rumbled in the distance.

Lighting lit the sky not far behind.

Rain come slowly and kissed my forhead.

Droplets singing softly as they fell.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Every fiber of my Bieing

Every fiber of my being keeps telling me it's  you.

From the hair upon my head to the skin that holds my soul.

All I hear is yes its him go on ahead love unafraid.

Every fiber of my being is telling me Believe it. 

Saying I Love you so many times is never enough.

Trying to make up for all the Lost years I couldn't.

Every fiber of my being is telling me he feels the same.

Locked in the life we think we need to live.

Far from each other yearning to touch again.

Every fiber of my being tells me God has a plan.

Trust all is as it should be for now just wait. 

Nothing in Stone,Yet Steady as a rock.

Every fiber of my being is saying Done Deal. 

That there is a We not just a you and not just a me.

Together we weave through  this Tapestry  called  love.


Muse, always for you


Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Words Won't Come Today

The words won't come today. 
Even if I try they're keeping to the shadows.
They're sleeping inside safe and sound.
Waiting silently ready to feel the way out.

Those words won't come to me right now.
It wasn't so long ago I found them.
Flying out of me intense and unafraid.
At last they cried in the newfound freedom.

The words won't come today.
Not forever lost just waiting in the shade.
Giving me a chance to begin a new day.
Quietly they sit getting restless.

The words won't come today.
They allow me to be strong by staying.
Never fade away they will shine again.
Soon I say to them but not today.


Monday, June 1, 2020


My lips have uttered no Incantation.
No lines of a spell has escaped my mouth.
No softly whispered words set to rhyme.
No wishes cried out to the clouds.

Abracadabra has not been shouted.
Nor has that Lamp needed to be rubbed.
Dandelions have not been softly blown.
First evening stars not searched for.

Incantation a spell of everything I want.
Would this make this all pointless.
Could this do us any more harm.
To voice that desire out to the sky.

Magic Lady please stay within me.
Let me just be as I am in this Fairytale.
Feel the enchanted air kiss my soul.
This Incantation has  been already cast somehow.



The woman that I am

 Its not easy is no excuse it's  just the way I  am.  Scared my lifes past mistakes are catching up to me. Hidden demons haunting my nig...